D.A.V. Public School - Butchirajupalem

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh-530027

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     DAV Public School is a Co-Educational English Medium School situated in Butchirajupalem, Near NAD Junction,Visakhapatnam. This school was established in 1994 & recognized by the Govt. Of Andhra Pradesh, is progressing by leaps and bounds with strength of nearly 1000 students and about 70 working staff. With its extremely innovative curriculum development the school emphasizes on quality education with perfection and commitment from Nursery to class X. The primary aim of the institution is to impart quality education and develop in its students an integrated personality, broad mindedness and self-confidence so as to enable them to face the challenges of this progressive and modern world. Besides formal academic education, the institution aims at laying special emphasis on moral, physical, aesthetic, emotional, spiritual and cultural development of the child and creates in him an awareness of our environment, social consciousness and secularism. Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj and one of the greatest path finder’s of Modern India, led a crusade against superstitions and pernicious practices that plagued the inhabitants of this ancient land. He gave a new bearing and rationale through the teachings of Arya Samaj. Much that had crept in out of ignorance was gradually weeded out. To accomplish the most cherished goal of the Swami, Dayanand Anglo Vedic Trust and Management Society was established in 1885. The First DAV institution both for school stage and higher learning was established at Lahore in 1886. Since then, the DAV movement has never looked back and runs nearly 900 institutions today in India and abroad. Under the inspiring guidance of our honourable president Shri Punam Suri ji DAV organization has today a Nationwide network of  Educational Institutions . Shri Punam Suri ji is a great visionary who believes that education is the only gateway to human development shaping the mind to venture into the freedom of future. Tossing in the global waves, challenges for the youth are manifold and pressures on young minds are nerve-wrecking. But by providing a holistic education in pleasant & congenial environment, DAV prepares them for these challenges of life in a global society.

       Dayanand Ango Vedic (DAV) Schools combine the ‘Vedic’ values & knowledge with the Western (Anglo) science and technology and bring out children with modern knowledge & skill with a strong character based on our Vedic cultural values.
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DAV Public School Visakhapatnam
Butchirajupalem, NAD kotha Road, Visakhapatnam,
Andhra Pradesh-530027
E-Mail: davbut_org@yahoo.com
Phone: 0891-2572523, 2573523
Website: www.davvisakhapatnam.com

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